Midjourney Parameters

Use the following parameters to change how an image generates:
Aspect Ratios
--aspect or --ar: Mix it up and switch the aspect ratio of your generation.

--chaos <number 0–100>: Crank up the craziness with more variation. Higher values mean wilder, unpredictable results.

--fast: Override your current setting and run a single job using Fast Mode.

Image Weight
--iw <0-2>: Sets your image prompt weight relative to text weight. The default is 1.

--niji: A model focused on anime-style images.

--no: Want to ditch something from the image? Hit it with --no plants, and we'll make those plants disappear.

--quality <.25, .5, 1, or 2> or --q <.25, .5, 1, or 2>: Choose the rendering quality time you wanna put in. Default's 1, higher costs more, lower costs less.

--relax: Override your current setting and run a single job using Relax Mode.

--repeat <1-40> or --r <1-40>: Creates any number of 2x2 grids for your prompt. For example, "/imagine a big fat cat --repeat 5" will generate 5 2x2 grids for that prompt. (Available only for Fast Mode using a Standard account or Pro Account)

--seed <integer between 0–4294967295>: Midjourney bot starts with some visual noise, like TV static, and a seed number. Want the same seed number and prompt? You'll get similar images.

--stop <integer between 10–100>: Finish a job halfway with --stop. Earlier stops give you blurrier, less detailed goods.

--style <raw>: Switch between versions of the Midjourney Model 5.1 and 5.2.
--style <4a, 4b or 4c>: Switch it up with different versions of the Midjourney Model Version 4.
--style <cute, expressive, original, or scenic>: Switch between versions of the Niji Model Version 5.

--stylize <number> or --s <number>: Control how hard Midjourney's default style hits your job.

--tile: This generates images that can be used as repeating tiles to create a seamless pattern.

--turbo: Override your current setting and run a single job using Turbo Mode.

--version <1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5.1, or 5.2> or --v <1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5.1, or 5.2>

--Weird <number 0-3000>: Explore unusual aesthetics with the experimental parameter.

Midjourney Commands

Interact with the Midjourney Bot on Discord by typing any of the following commands:
/ask Got a question? Boom! Hit me with it.

/blend Let's mash up two images like a boss.

/daily_themeToggle Toggle those sweet notification pings for #daily-theme channel updates.

/describe Transform images-into-words

/docs In the official Midjourney Discord, create links to user guide topics like a champ!

/faq In the official Midjourney Discord, make links to hot prompt craft FAQs in no time.

/fast Buckle up! We're going Fast mode.

/help Get the 411 on the Midjourney Bot, tips, and tricks.

/imagine Picture this: an image generated from your prompt.

/info Check out your account deets and what's going on with your jobs.

/stealth Pro Plan Subscribers: Time to ninja it up with Stealth Mode.

/public Pro Plan Subscribers: Let's get social in Public Mode.

/subscribe Make a custom link for that user's account page.

/settings Tweak and rock the Midjourney Bot's settings.

/prefer option Create or manage your own killer custom option.

/prefer option list See what cool custom options you've got.

/prefer suffix Add some flair to your prompts with a dope suffix.

/show Got an image Job ID? Bring it back to life in Discord.

/relax Chill out and switch to Relax mode.

/remix Get in the groove with Remix mode.